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David Mant


Emeritus Professor of General Practice

  • Non-Executive Director, Oxford University Hospitals Trust.

I was an undergraduate student at Churchill College Cambridge (1969-72) and Birmingham Medical School (1972-77). I subsequently undertook post-graduate training in general practice and public health. I began my clinical academic career in 1983 as a Clinical Lecturer at the University of Oxford and a general practitioner at South Oxford Health Centre (where I continued to work as an NHS service general practitioner for the next 28 years).

In 1993 I was appointed as Professor of Primary Care Epidemiology at the University of Southampton. I returned to Oxford University as Professor of General Practice in October 1998 to lead the newly established Department of Primary Health Care, retiring in 2011 as Head of Department.  I continue to work in the Department on a part-time basis focusing on international research and development projects, particularly those supporting primary care in countries with limited resources. I am also a non-executive director of the Oxford University Hospitals Trust.

My research has focused on the prevention and early diagnosis of common diseases in primary care. I believe that the main purpose of academic research and teaching in primary care is to underpin the provision of a high quality clinical service.