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The headquarters of the Mahidol Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit (MORU) is in Thailand with sister units in Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. MORU is the focal point of the MORU Tropical Health Network (THN), a powerful network of closely linked units, departments, clinical study sites and laboratories that seek to reduce the human disease burden in the tropics by finding practical solutions to major tropical medical problems.

Driven by a coherent joint research agenda, the MORU THN’s current research focuses on malaria, melioidosis, scrub and murine typhus, drug-resistant infections, the causes and treatment of rural fever, sepsis, CNS infections, critical care medicine, maternal and neonatal health, TB and Chagas disease. We have a longstanding interest in medicine quality and in antimicrobial drug resistance, particularly artemisinin resistant falciparum malaria. Our COVID clinical trials network has evolved into the PLATCOV antiviral pharmacodynamic trial, which enables researchers to quickly, with small sample sizes, determine the effectiveness of antiviral drugs.

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