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The GHIT Fund announces the Request for Proposals (RFP) for the development of new medicines, vaccines, diagnostics for infectious diseases that are prevalent in the developing world. Proposed projects should address health needs in the developing world or fill a gap in global health technologies for infectious diseases. The proposed collaboration projects should be no more than two years in duration and may focus on a broad array of R&D activities, including:

- Lead optimization

- Preclinical Development (in-vivo studies, formulation development, chemistry and process validation)

- Clinical Development (Phase 1, 2, or 3 studies, manufacturing scale-up)

- Parallel or concurrent development of multiple interventions (e.g., development of new drugs alongside improved diagnostic tools for disease control, advancing multiple promising drug candidates concurrently)

- Activities to support licensure and WHO prequalification

Interested applicants can find detailed information on the RFP and the Intent to Apply form below. Please note interested applicants must complete the Intent to Apply (ITA) form and submit this to the GHIT Fund by 11 July 2024.  Full applications are then due 9 August.