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Objective: The aim was to evaluate the impact of the COVID-19 lockdown on physical activity (PA) and asthma symptom control in children. Methods: We conducted a single-cohort observational study on twenty-two children with a median age of 9 (8-11) years with a diagnosis of asthma being included in the study. Participants were asked to wear the tracker for 3 months; during the same 3-month period, the Paediatric Asthma Diary (PAD) was administered daily and the Asthma Control (AC) Questionnaire together with the mini–Paediatric Asthma Quality of Life (AQoL) Questionnaire administered at weekly intervals. Results: Compared with the pre-lockdown period, there was a significant reduction in PA levels after the lockdown began. Daily total steps reduced by about 3000 steps (p<0.001), very active minutes by 9 minutes (p<0.001) and fairly active minutes almost halved (p<0.001); while asthma symptom control marginally improved, with the AC and AQoL score improving by 0.56 (p<0.005) and 0.47 (p<0.05), respectively. Further, for those with AC score higher than 1, PA was positively associated with asthma control both before and after the lockdown. Conclusions: This feasibility study suggests that PA engagement of children with asthma is negatively affected during the pandemic, but the beneficial effect of PA on asthma symptom control potentially sustains even during a lockdown period. These findings emphasize the importance of wearable device to monitor longitudinal PA and thus better management of PA for achieving the best outcome of asthma symptom control.

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children with asthma, COVID-19, symptom control, physical activity, wearable tracker