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Chittagong Medical College and Hospital (CMCH) in Chittagong, Bangladesh, and Mahidol-Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit (MORU) of Bangkok, Thailand, are partners in a highly successful and productive research collaboration that is now heading into its tenth year. It produced arguably one of the most important clinical trials in tropical medicine this decade, the South-East-Asia-Quinine-Artesuante-Malaria-Trial (SEAQUAMAT) study, and has continued to evolve and grow ever since. The collaboration has successfully completed a number of significant clinical studies which have given important new insights into the management and pathogenesis of malaria and, to date, generated 14 peer-reviewed international journal publications. With each passing year, the size of the collaboration continues to increase along with the number and complexity of research studies undertaken. It has also helped to provide valuable postgraduate training to develop clinical services and increase capacity for high quality research in Bangladesh. The partners have complementary knowledge, skills and expertise and share common goals and it is hoped that this will remain a highly successful collaboration long into the future.

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J Chittagong Med Coll Teach Assoc

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