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Trish Greenhalgh

Professor of Primary Care Health Sciences


Trish Greenhalgh is an internationally recognised academic in primary health care and trained as a GP. She joined the Department in January 2015 after previously holding professorships at University College London and Queen Mary University of London.

As co-Director of the Interdisciplinary Research In Health Sciences (IRIHS) unit, Trish leads a programme of research at the interface between social sciences and medicine, with strong emphasis on the organisation and delivery of health services. Her research seeks to celebrate and retain the traditional and humanistic aspects of medicine while also embracing the exceptional opportunities of contemporary science and technology to improve health outcomes and relieve suffering. 

Trish is Programme Director for the MSc and DPhil in Translational Health Sciences.

Her past research has covered the evaluation and improvement of clinical services at the primary-secondary care interface, particularly the use of narrative methods to illuminate the illness experience in ‘hard to reach’ groups; the challenges of implementing evidence-based practice (including the study of knowledge translation and research impact); the adoption and use of new technologies (including electronic patient records and assisted living technologies) by both clinicians and patients; and the application of philosophy to clinical practice.  She has brought this interdisciplinary perspective to bear on the research response to the Covid-19 pandemic, looking at diverse themes including clinical assessment of the deteriorating patient by phone and video, the science and anthropology of face coverings, and policy decision-making in conditions of uncertainty.

Trish is the author of over 400 peer-reviewed publications and 16 textbooks.  She was awarded the OBE for Services to Medicine by Her Majesty the Queen in 2001, made a Fellow of the UK Academy of Medical Sciences in 2014, and elected an International Fellow of the US Academy of Medicine in 2021. She is also a Fellow of the UK Royal College of Physicians, Royal College of General Practitioners, Faculty of Clinical Informatics and Faculty of Public Health.

Current research projects include);

  • LOCOMOTION, a multi-site study of service delivery in long Covid clinics in UK;
  • Remote by Default 2, a study of how GP practices are responding to the call to provide more remote services, funded by NIHR

Trish is a fellow at Green Templeton College. She is in principle keen to hear from prospective DPhil students in her areas of interest but currently has a full quota of doctoral students and a waiting list. 

Trish is an active contributor to the social media sites

Twitter: @trishgreenhalgh


Tribel: @trishgreenhalgh

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