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Professor H Rogier van Doorn

Professor H Rogier van Doorn

Podcast interview

Research at OUCRU Hanoi

Antibiotics are widely used in Vietnam, leading to widespread antimicrobial resistance. Monitoring antibiotic use helps inform the government to change treatment guidelines and implement antibiotic stewardship programmes. This may also prevent the transmission of resistant bacteria outside the country.

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H Rogier van Doorn

Professor of Infectious Diseases

  • Clinical Microbiologist


Rogier is a Clinical Microbiologist from the Netherlands who has worked at OUCRU since the end of 2007. In his role as head of the virology lab for the Southeast Asian Infectious Disease Clinical Research Network he has led analysis of several diagnostic and intervention studies on human influenza, developed diagnostic lab capacity in local hospitals and BSL3/SAPO4 facility at OUCRU. As head of the Emerging Infections group he has worked on diagnostics and clinical research of emerging infections, led a multifaceted research program on Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease, and projects on pathogen discovery.

Currently, Rogier leads the OUCRU Ha Noi unit with research focus on antimicrobial resistance and influenza and other respiratory infections.