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This supports global health research and the strengthening of research leadership across sub-Saharan Africa. Apply for funding to support exceptional early to mid-career African researchers to conduct excellent global health research across sub-Saharan Africa.

Researchers should be supported by an enthusiastic local research environment and by a UK-based partner as part of a partnership between the African and UK institutions. The MRC aims to attract and retain exceptionally talented ‘rising star’ individuals who will lead high quality research on key global health issues pertinent to sub-Saharan Africa.


Awards will provide support for up to five years and the requested amount should not exceed £750,000 in total.


You can apply for this funding opportunity if you are a researcher based at an eligible African research organisation with sufficient research capacity to manage and deliver research. For full eligibility details see the funders website.

Applications from women are encouraged. Candidates wishing to combine their research with domestic responsibilities may seek the award on a part-time basis. The terms and conditions of the award make allowances for maternity or paternity leave. Allowance will also be made to those researchers whose career has been affected, either by a late start or by interruption, for personal or family reasons.

Find out more about MRC: African Research Leaders