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Isometric Exercise Training and Arterial Hypertension: An Updated Review.

Journal article

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Left Atrial Mechanics Following Preeclamptic Pregnancy.

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Are we ready to let AI replace the human 'eye' when looking for wall motion abnormalities?

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Blood Pressure Self-Management After Hypertensive Pregnancy-Reply.

Journal article

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Self-monitoring blood pressure in Pregnancy: Evaluation of health professional experiences of the BUMP trials

Journal article

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Scoring systems developed by machine learning: intelligent but simple to use?

Journal article

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Can Imaging Identify Cardiac Disease Progression Patterns in Young People?

Journal article

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Contrast echocardiography: a practical guideline from the British Society of Echocardiography.

Journal article

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Modelling relations between blood pressure, cardiovascular phenotype, and clinical factors using large scale imaging data.

Journal article

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