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To assist surgeons to select a total hip replacement (THR) we present comparative information on all such implants on the market in the UK. We identified 62 different primary THRs, manufactured by 19 companies; half had been introduced in the last five years, and only 30% have any results published in peer-reviewed journals. The prices range from 250 pounds to 2000 pounds, and the two cheapest implants have the longest reported follow-up. The number of THR implants available in the UK, and presumably the rest of the world, is rapidly increasing, but there is little or no scientific evidence that the newer, more expensive, implants are better than established designs. Some will undoubtedly be worse. We believe that this situation is unsatisfactory and make recommendations for improvement, in particular that preference be given to implants with good results in published peer-reviewed long-term clinical trials.


Journal article


J Bone Joint Surg Br

Publication Date





520 - 527


Evaluation Studies as Topic, Hip Prosthesis, Humans, Prosthesis Design, Treatment Outcome