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AbstractHIV/AIDS is arguably the most significant health challenge facing the world today. The 2008 numbers tell the story: 33.4 million were living with HIV, 2 million people died of AIDS and 2.7 million people were newly infected. Despite impressive scientific advances in developing over two dozen drugs to treat HIV infections, there is still no cure. In addition, only about one-third of those who need drugs have access to therapy.In 2003, recognizing the enormity of the scientific and humanitarian challenge of HIV/AIDS, two-dozen leading investigators and major funding organizations formed the Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise, a voluntary alliance of independent organizations committed to working together to accelerate the development of an HIV vaccine.At the center of the Enterprise vision is a global research agenda,the Scientific Strategic Plan, a high level framework that represents the collective perspectives and shared accountability of the Enterprise Council, the Enterprise’s senior advisory body to work toward aligning their strategies and activities to help realize a shared vision for the field.

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