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We are delighted to report on the success of the inaugural David Sackett Fellowship, building on the success of the 2019 Doug Altman Scholarship, with generous funding and support from the McCall MacBain Foundation (MMF). We used the funding for nine forward-thinking future leaders in Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) to attend the 2022 EBMLive Conference in Oxford. The nine Fellows brought provocative, bold, and constructive contributions on the theme of making research relevant, replicable, and accessible to end-users. From a highly competitive field, we selected the scholars because of their forward-thinking solutions to address the issue of making research evidence relevant, replicable, and accessible to end-users, as set out in the EBM manifesto, building on the legacy of David Sackett. After an unanticipated delay in hosting EBMLive in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the return to an in-person meeting in Oxford, where David Sackett first founded the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, re-invigorated the EBM movement with their ideas, enthusiasm, and perspectives. This report highlights the contributions of the awardees, their outputs and the work of the CEBM that supports early-mid career researchers and builds capacity in EBM globally.


Conference paper


Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, University of Oxford

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