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The sport of rowing has gained considerable momentum in recent years. It appeals to many age groups and is an endurance activity with no sudden accelerations or ballistic impact forces. It is associated with several injuries that are so typical that they are easily recognized by the enthusiast and in many cases do not require imaging. These include wrist tenosynovitis, intersection syndrome, and rib fracture. Other injuries may be the result of strenuous training programs or faulty rowing technique and include low back injuries and patellar maltracking. The etiology, biomechanics, imaging, and treatment of rowing-related disorders are discussed.

Original publication




Journal article


Semin Musculoskelet Radiol

Publication Date





379 - 396


Athletic Injuries, Biomechanical Phenomena, Female, Humans, Lower Extremity, Male, Physical Education and Training, Spinal Diseases, Spinal Injuries, Upper Extremity