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Viriya Hantrakun

Viriya Hantrakun

Viriya Hantrakun

Clinical Researcher

Melioidosis Epidemiology & Sepsis group

I am a lead clinical researcher in the melioidosis epidemiology & sepsis group under Associate Professor Direk Limmathurotsakul’s research group, Microbiology Department at MORU.

My PhD thesis includes the studies of environmental factors associated with the presence of Burkholderia pseudomallei, association between serological response to B. pseudomallei and an exposure to the organism and its closely related species (B. thailandensis), burden of melioidosis and Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System in Thailand. I am also a project coordinator and a contributor (database design) for, which aims to generate evidence of melioidosis worldwide and to raise awareness about the burden of melioidosis among scientists, policy makers and the public.

More recently, I have started a study of the clinical epidemiology of community-acquired sepsis and the economic burden of neglected tropical diseases.