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Seilesh Kadambari

Clinical Lecturer in Paediatrics

Seilesh Kadambari is a Clinical Lecturer and honorary specialty registrar in paediatric infectious diseases at Oxford University and the Children’s Hospital, Oxford. Seilesh graduated from St George’s University of London in 2007. He commenced paediatric training on the south London rotation in 2009. During his training, Seilesh spent three years working in the Paediatric Infectious Diseases Research Group at St George’s under the supervision of Prof’s Mike Sharland and Paul Heath. During this post, he developed a series of collaborative surveillance studies with Public Health England to define the burden of viral meningitis in infants and children. Seilesh also spent a year working in the department of virology at the Royal Free Hospital, under the supervision of Prof Paul Griffiths, to better understand the molecular epidemiology of treatment targets for congenital CMV. His PhD evaluated the impact of molecular virology on the clinical epidemiology and management of central nervous system viral infections in infants. Seilesh has continued his research interests which focus on developing clinical and epidemiological studies to further our understanding of the management of congenital CMV and enterovirus infections. He started his current post in March 2017.