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Professor François H Nosten

Professor François H Nosten

Podcast interview

Between research and humanitarian

Healthcare and research at the Thai-Burma border: Combining healthcare and research allow Professor Nosten to implement a new treatment regimen as soon as the results from clinical trials are available, which is beneficial to patients and highly rewarding for researchers.

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François Nosten

Professor in Tropical Medicine

  • Director of the Shoklo Malaria Research Unit, Thailand

Shoklo Malaria research Unit

Dr Nosten’s work concentrates on uncomplicated malaria and he has conducted the largest ever drug trials in malaria in an area which has the world’s most drug-resistant parasites, including a detailed study of the SPf66 malaria vaccine. Recent studies have concentrated on the efficacy and effectiveness of combination anti malarial therapy. Dr Nosten has also investigated malaria prophylaxis and antimalarial treatment in pregnancy and the identification of thiamine deficiency (beri-beri) as a major cause of infant mortality amongst Karen refugees.

Patient at the Thai/Myanmar border
Field microscopy
Maela Camp clinic