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Dr Euzebiusz Jamrozik

Dr Euzebiusz Jamrozik

Euzebiusz Jamrozik


Postdoctoral Fellow

Zeb's current work focuses on philosophical and policy issues related to infectious disease and global health.

He completed a PhD in Bioethics at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. Zeb's doctoral thesis covered a range of emerging issues in infectious disease ethics related to asymptomatic infection, drug resistance, vector-borne diseases, and human challenge studies. During doctoral work he interned at the World Health Organization (WHO HQ, Geneva) and was an Andrew Markus visiting scholar at the Ethox Centre.

With Prof Michael Selgelid (Monash), he is co-author of ‘Human Challenge Studies in Endemic Settings: Ethical and Regulatory Issues’ (SpringerBriefs in Ethics) and co-editor of “Ethics and Drug Resistance: Collective Responsibility for Global Public Health” (Springer-Nature, 2020). He has contributed to WHO Ethics Guidance documents on vector-borne diseases and human challenge studies.

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