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Professor David Eyre

Professor David Eyre

David Eyre

Professor of Infectious Diseases

  • Robertson Fellow
  • Infectious Diseases Clinician

My research aims to understand who gets different infections and why, and how best to prevent, treat and monitor these infections. I also work on developing artificial intelligence tools to help diagnose and treat hospital patients, and to help hospitals run better.

I use a range of approaches spanning epidemiology, statistics, causal inference, and machine learning. I work with detailed deidentified healthcare record data at both regional and national scales. I also have extensive programming and database expertise.

My other research interests include the use of whole-genome sequencing as a tool for understanding the epidemiology and transmission of bacteria, viruses and fungi, and mathematical modelling of infectious disease transmission. I am also interested in using sequencing technologies as a novel tool for culture-independent microbiology diagnostics. These technologies offer the prospect of same-day diagnosis of infection, rather than having to wait several days for bacteria to grow in the lab as is common now.

I work closely with the Modernising Medical Microbiology consortium on several of these projects, contributing to the Oxford NIHR Biomedical Research Centre and an NIHR Health Protection Research Unit.