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Professor Abhilasha Karkey

Professor Abhilasha Karkey

Podcast interview

Infectious diseases in Nepal

The primary goal of OUCRU-Nepal is improving public health in Nepal and South Asia, focusing on typhoid, antimicrobial resistance, and dengue increase linked with climate change. Over the recent years, the TCV typhoid vaccine trial emphasized the importance of regional collaboration and working with policymakers. OUCRU-Nepal has built strong hospital and community relationships, boosting global visibility and collaborations.

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Abhilasha Karkey

Associate Professor

  • Medical Microbiologist
  • Director of Oxford University Clinical Research Unit-Nepal


Abhilasha Karkey is a medical microbiologist at the Oxford University Clinical Research Unit in Kathmandu, Nepal, which is associated with the Patan Academy of Health Sciences within Patan Hospital. She is involved with several infectious disease research projects including enteric fever, central nervous system infections, hepatitis E, tuberculosis, and antibiotic resistance. Her main research includes looking at nosocomial infections and antibiotic resistance patterns within the population, as well as molecular epidemiology of enteric fever within the study population in Kathmandu.

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