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This board funds applied health research that will address global health challenges and inequities. They do this via two funding pathways, for research and strategically important, original partnerships. They are looking to develop a portfolio of high-quality global research, which will be diverse, promote multidisciplinarity and strengthen global health research capacity. Stage one application opening date: 2 November 2023. Information webinar: 7 December 2023. Note that Partnership applications require a pre-application stage 6 weeks before the deadline.

Future funding round (for Research and for Partnerships applications) opens March 2024 with the stage 1 application deadline in June 2024.


Proposals of all sizes, including large research projects up to approximately £2 million (research) and £1 million (partnerships) and small to medium-scale applications. They will fund projects lasting up to five years, although projects typically last three to four years.


Project leads based in LMIC or in the UK, working in partnership with LMIC investigators.

Apply to MRC: Applied Global Health Research

Apply to MRC: Applied Global Health Partnership