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This Russian translation and reprint of the original article published with authors permissions. Original article published in the Diabetes Care. 2006;29(8). Translation to Russian prepared by Yu. Sych. An abridged version of the article was prepared by A. Gorbovskaya. These recommendations and the algorithm are based on data from clinical studies of various treatment options for type 2 diabetes and on the personal experience of consensus participants, taking into account the main goal of treatment - to achieve and maintain glucose levels as close as possible to glycemia in healthy people. The lack of evidence of high levels of glycemia obtained in comparative clinical trials with a direct comparison of different treatment options for diabetes remains the main obstacle to isolating one main class of drugs or combination of drugs that have advantages over others.

Original publication




Journal article


Probl Endokrinol (Mosk)

Publication Date





33 - 40


American Diabetes Association, clinical recommendations, consensus, type 2 diabetes