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Dr Nzelle Delphine Kayem

Dr Nzelle Delphine Kayem

Nzelle D. Kayem

UK Commonwealth PhD Scholar

research summary

Currently reading a DPhil in Clinical Medicine under the supervision of Professor Peter Horby and Dr Proochista Ariana; I am affiliated with the Epidemic diseases Research Group Oxford (ERGO) where I coordinate the Lassa in pregnancy studies. My research examines the epidemiology of the priority viral haemorrhagic fevers in pregnancy with a focus on Lassa fever in Southern Nigeria as well as evidence syntheses to evaluate gaps in the presently available evidence.

Epidemiology of epidemic-prone infectious diseases in vulnerable groups, understanding the socioecological dynamics that impede or promote the control of these diseases and finding context-specific solutions are areas of research that I find enthralling.

Prior to this, I worked with ISARIC on developing a training curriculum for Clinical Research During Outbreaks (CREDO) - a project co-funded by the TDR and the UK Public Health Rapid Support Team, and on a project exploring the feasibility of core outcome sets for congenital Zika syndrome. Additionally, I have worked as a clinical lead for a PEPFAR-funded paediatric HIV program in Tanga, Tanzania and as a physician in my native Cameroon as well as Tanzania and South Africa.