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Dr Joseph Donovan

Dr Joseph Donovan

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Joseph Donovan

Clinical Research Physician

I am an infectious diseases physician from the UK, undertaking a clinical research fellow post at OUCRU Vietnam. My main role is as the clinical project manager for two large randomised controlled trials which study the role of corticosteroids in tuberculous meningitis, in HIV co-infected patients, and in HIV uninfected patients stratified by LTA4H genotype, respectively. In HIV co-infected patients we are studying whether corticosteroid therapy reduces mortality. In HIV uninfected patients we are investigating a potential role of personalised corticosteroid therapy based upon a patient’s variation of a gene called LTA4H, which dictates the body’s inflammatory response to tuberculous meningitis.

At OUCRU I am studying for a PhD, aiming to improve the diagnosis, and understand the pathophysiology, of tuberculous meningitis, with an ultimate aim of improving outcomes in this disease. Given outcomes from tuberculous meningitis, the most severe form of tuberculosis, are poor, I have a particular interest in those patients with critical illness. In addition I act as a clinical mentor to medical elective students who visit OUCRU Vietnam.